America’s Mustang experience

Let’s celebrate the horses that are a part of our heritage. Let’s celebrate the spirit and the power of these majestic animals. Let’s come together to discover who the American Mustangs are – where they are located, what they need as a breed and how we can all help to manage, care for and even have one for our own.

The America’s Mustang Experience trailer is filled with videos and information about our mustangs and the public lands on which they live. The experience includes a Virtual Reality (VR) experience where you can stand face to face with wild mustangs to see, hear and experience their habits both on-range and at off- range corrals and pastures. 

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INformation videos

Tour through the Experience Trailer and learn about the American mustang. Where they live both on and off the rangeland.

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Virtual video experience

Stand with wild mustangs. Put on a VR headset and experience what it is like to be with mustangs in the wild.